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The easiest way to become a non-smoker!

"Quitting smoking is easy -

- I've done it a hundred times." Mark Twain

Millions of smokers made this sensible decision to quit smoking. Once, twice or a hundred times. After each failure, it got harder. With BiG NiC, it's as easy as turning off a light!

It was already known 50 years ago that smoking is unhealthy. But how devastating the consequential damage actually is was not known in the days of the "Marboro Man".

Today it is scientifically proven that nicotine is not responsible for millions of deaths! It is the inhaled toxic smoke produced by the burning of the tobacco or the inhaled toxic vapor produced by the heating of the liquid that renders the lungs irreparable.

You know you have to quit smoking. Unfortunately, it's incredibly difficult. But don't be afraid, now you're not alone anymore! You always have BiG NiC at your side, which goes through "thick" and "thin" with you and which solves this task for you on its own. Without those nagging withdrawal symptoms. You don't feel anything from them!

It's your decision to become a non-smoker effortlessly!

Do yourself a favour, hit the "Facts About..." button below and find out everything you need/should know as a smoker or vaper!

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BiG NiC Energy - Spearmint

For those who want it harder! Fresh, sharp spearmint taste

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Stop smoking, vaping, nicotine, lung and respiratory diseases and become a successful non-smoker