Smoking and the consequences!

Smoking cigarettes is not healthy, everyone knows. Smoking has a major impact on health and appearance. The reason for this is the lack of oxygen exchange in the already damaged lungs.

The air (oxygen) is the fuel of man, which is indispensable for the maintenance of ALL bodily organs. The oxygen from the inhaled air enters the bloodstream (diffusion) via the bronchi
distributed throughout the body, reaches every cell and thus supplies all human organs with vital oxygen.

If the lungs slowly reduce their function, the saturation of the blood with oxygen decreases. The result: all organs receive less oxygen and therefore perform their functions less well. The worst case: organ failure

Increased mortality

Millions of people worldwide die as a direct result of smoking. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the following died in Germany alone in 2019:

3,228,000 people with COPD

2,593,000 people from respiratory infections and

1,784,000 people from tracheal, bronchial and lung cancer.

That's over 7.6 million people. Around every tenth German citizen.

Smokers inhale more than 6500 chemicals with every cigarette. About 70 of them are highly toxic! Therefore, the consequences of smoking are most serious for our lungs. The reason for this is not the nicotine, but tar and thousands of other particles that are created by burning the tobacco and bind in the bronchi and alveoli. These highly toxic substances are also
responsible for impotence and fertility disorders.

The most common lung disease is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Over 7 million COPD patients are registered in Germany. The number of unreported cases is estimated to be very high, since many of those affected already have this disease, but pay little attention to the first symptoms. COPD is very gradual but incurable and is divided into 4 “degrees of severity”.

Because the bronchi and alveoli are killed by the highly toxic burnt or heated particles, the transport of oxygen to the tissue and skin is also impaired.

The skin develops a greyish, ashen complexion.