BiG NiC Nicotine Spray Energy - Spearmint

BiG NiC Nicotine Spray Energy - Spearmint

Nicotine spray
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18.5ml (spray quantity: 231 pumps corresponds to 231 cigarettes) 39.0ml (spray quantity: 487 pumps corresponds to 487 cigarettes)
Nicotine percentage: 1mg/puff
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Taste: fresh, sharp spearmint taste for those who want it harder

BiG NiC Energy satisfies your nicotine cravings 100%. Immediately and after just one spray!

Without annoying smoke, without stench and above all without harmful substances. Applicable anywhere and anytime. For you and your environment!

This is how BiG NiC Energy works.

Step 1

Using BIG NIC Energy is just as quick as it is effective: the spray is sprayed onto the front of the tongue via the open mouth.

step 2

From the oral mucosa and without contact with the respiratory tract or lungs, the nicotine is transported directly to the brain via the bloodstream as quickly as with a cigarette.

step 3

There, the stimulating effect unfolds within a few seconds. In a matter of seconds you will feel the energy kick and a satisfying feeling as well as an antibacterial freshness in your mouth.